We offer a variety of fun glass focused classes here at Funky Glassworks. Whether you are brand new to glass, just wanting to have a fun class, or have been working with glass for a while and want to advance your skills, we will have a class for you! 

Classes at Funky Glassworks studio require you to be able to stand for long periods of time. All students must wear closed toed shoes to classes. Anyone under the age of 18 will need parental consent to attend classes. Everyone attending a class must sign an in-person safety waiver before starting their chosen class. Stained glass classes are not recommended for pregnant people, or children under the age of 15. Safety gear must be worn (Provided by Funky Glassworks) throughout each class. 

Class descriptions and prices are as followed: (Note: Some classes may differ if we are holding a specialty focused class)

*We will be adding new fun classes all the time, so come back and check out what we have to offer each month!

Make and Take:  Make and take classes are designed for just spending a few fun hours in the studio, making and completing your very own stained glass suncatcher or mosaic project. We will briefly cover the basics of each step in the process and guide you through completing your glass masterpiece. All of your project materials will be included within your ticket price. 

Cost Per Student: $60-$75

Time Length: 2-3 hours

Introduction to Copper Foil Stained Glass: This class is designed for the new glass artist. No prior experience is necessary. Choose from our pattern gallery to create your very own stained glass statement piece from start to finish. This class will go in-depth with each step of the copper foil stained glass method and each student will leave with one medium panel sized piece, or two smaller suncatchers. Basic supplies are covered within this class cost, more glass options can be purchased for additional cost. 

Cost Per Student: $175

Time Length: 2 Separate Days: 4 Hours each day

(Note: Additional time can be added to complete projects if needed, at $15 per hour cost)

Mosaic Class: This mosaic class will allow you to learn all about creating mosaics with small stained glass pieces. Choose from a variety of photo inspirations and learn how to break, place, and adhere each piece of glass on to your project to create your mosaic. Each student will leave with a medium sized mosaic on the class chosen substrate. 

Cost Per Student: $100

Time Length: 2 Separate Days: 4 Hours first day - 2 Hours second day.