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Funky Glassworks LLC

Prism Patchwork


Approximately 16X14 inch Stained Glass Panel.

Prism Patchwork

This is a hand built and blown glass collaboration piece with artist Dominique Caisse. The center blue rondel and purple glass stamp were created within her hot shop in New Hampshire & was sent to my studio here in northern Arkansas. The panel included sheet glass from Oceanside and a Fremont Glass.

I created Prism Patchwork to inspire fun and bring colorful refractions into any space. I have always loved funky patterns that your brain can get lost in & knew that the black and white checkered glass would bring out the colors in the blown glass pieces. I slightly "warped" the checkered pieces to create a fun allusion & make you look twice at the panel. The border glass is all translucent glass that will cast colorful refractions around the room. Along with this, I have included bevels within this piece that will bring rainbows when the sunlight hits.

The proceeds from this piece will be split appropriately between the collaboration artists.

This panel can be shipped anywhere within that accepts US Postage - but will ship for free within US borders. Certificate of Authenticity, Hanging chain & hardware are included.