Funky Glassworks-Henry LLC

Process and Products

I create each stained glass piece in my home studio. I use a digitial drawing tablet and good old paper and pencil to design & begin my patterns. I then hand cut each piece of glass with a Toyo glass cutter. Once the glass is cut down to size, I will take each peice of glass to my Galstar grinder and shape each piece to fit within my pattern with little to no gaps, depending on which method I will proceed with. After grinding and fitting my pieces together, I will either begin wrapping each piece of glass in copper foil or begin fitting each piece of glass into a lead channel that will hold the pieces together. Whether I choose to solder each lead line, or build them with lead and cement them together, each piece is finished with a lengthy cleaning process. The lead lines are first cleaned of all flux and oxidation using chemical removers, steel wool, and magic erasers. Patina is then added to color the leadlines to my desired tone. Finally the glass is polished and buffed to create a wax barrier for the glass and create an even shine throughout the piece. I then carefully pack up each piece to be released in a collection, that can be bought and enjoyed by people all around the world! 

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