Prism Patchwork Collaboration with Dominique Caissie

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Prism Patchwork Collaboration with Dominique Caissie

Prismatic Patchwork

This is a collaboration piece between Dominique Caissie and Em Henry of FunkyGlassworks. Dominique spun out the blue speckled rondel in her hot shop and also created the textured 3D purple glass stamp featured in this piece. Em created the checkers and rainbow border with a mix of Oceanside Glass and Fremont Antique glass. Six square bevels are featured in this piece.

This piece is approximately 17X15 inches. Framed in zinc. Black patina. On jack chain.
*Note* this piece is not completely flat and will need to be a hanging piece. Glass stamp is thicker than sheet glass, pictured above.

US shipping is INCLUDED. Additional charges for international shipping.

*this piece contains lead unless otherwise stated. Wash hands after handling*